Competence Profile

Gender Competence Profile

Expert and researcher on gender equality, gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities, gender trainer and advocate for human rights with more then 10 years of experience. Member of the governing board of European Women’s Lobby in Brussels. External adviser on gender mainstreaming to the United Nations Development Programme, cooperating expert on gender mainstreaming with the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Gender expertise, research and analysis:

–  gender research, analysis and gender impact assessment by various internationally recognized methods.

Selected references:

Lecturing and training:

gender trainings and education on gender equality, gender mainstreaming and reproductive rights for universities, institutions and professionals on domestic and international level in Slovak, German or English language.

Selected references:

Project management:

planning, programming, management, monitoring and evaluation on projects including EU structural funds. Supervision for implementation of the gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities in the projects.

Selected references:

  • Project manager for Equal II. Initiative “Gender mainstreaming in reproductive health services” (Bratislava, 2005 – 2008) and SFPA  institutional project supported by MATRA (Bratislava, 2004-2007)
  • Methodology for implementation and evaluation of the Horizontal Priority Equal Opportunities and Gender Mainstreaming in the EU structural funds in Slovakia for the Slovak government (2009-10)
  1. Ing. Oľga Pietruchová, M.A. « Gender databáza
  2. Oľga Pietruchová « Gender databáza

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