Papers in English:


IHF REPORT 2006 HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE OSCE REGION – Chapter on Gender Equality

WHOSE WORK? WHOSE PENSION? Gender Mainstreaming in the Slovakian Pension Reform. 2006, Rose Mayreder College, Master Thesis, 2006 (in English)

GENDER MAINSTREAMING IN HEALTH. The chapter in the Gender Mainstreaming Manual, UNDP, 2007 (in English)

GENDER MAINSTREAMING IN SLOVAKIA: MORE DOWN THAN TOP? In: Gender mainstreaming. How can we use its political potential? Heinrich Boell Stifftung, Warsaw, 2008 (in English)

THE INVISIBLE CRISIS. Impact of financial crisis on women’s poverty in the EU. Co-author of the study paper. Oxfam and European Women’s Lobby, 2010

LIFTING THE VEIL. In: ‘Populism in Europe. Green European Foundation (GEF). Brussels, 2012.

Selected publication and papers in Slovak:

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS OF WOMEN,Alliance of Women in Slovakia, Bratislava, 2002

SITUATION IN SLOVAKIA (SRHR), 2004  in: On the way into EU. Quidde not only for Women. Aspekt, Bratislava, 2004

HOMOSEXUALITY, SOCIETY AND POLITICS. In: Triangle, Museion, Bratislava, 2007

GENDER EQUALITY IN THE ORGANISATION. BRIEF QUIDE. Publication published within the projects of European Year of Equal Opportunities, Bratislava, 2007

UNHONORED WORK OF WOMEN, in: Equal Pay for Equal Work? Aspects of the Gender Pay Gap. Aspekt, Bratislava, 2007

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN PROJECT CO-FINANCED BY EU. Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Bratislava, 2009

GENDER ANALYSIS OF ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THE CEE. In: Gender Approach to Economy. Aspekt and Fridrich Ebert Stifftung, Bratislava, 2010.

GENDER BUDGETING – BASIC CONCEPTS AND METHODOLOGY. In: Methodological Study on Gender Budgeting, Economical University, Bratislava, 2011

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