Since 1998, I am involved in promoting gender equality and women´s rights  in Slovakia. Gradually I have established myself as well known expert in the country. I work as an independent consultant on gender mainstreaming offering my expertise and trainings to political decision makers, public institutions and private sector. During my professional career, I have provided several gender trainings in Slovakia and abroad, as well as lectures and conference inputs (see refereces here). Furthermore, I am involved in the advocacy work on sexual and reproductive health and rights in Slovakia. Besides I provide lectures on reproductive rights of women at the Gender Studies Department of the Philosophical Faculty, University of Comenius, Bratislava.

I am an European Women’s Lobby board member since 5 years and a member of the new created Council for Gender Equality, an advisory committee to the Slovak government.

The centre of my attention is gender analysis of public policy and implementation of gender mainstreaming in public life. I have elaborated a gender analysis of the Slovak pension reform, the gender impact assessment of the economic crises and several other analyses.

I work as the executive director of the Slovak Family Planning Association (SFPA), a member of IPPF network. Due my job, I am focused on fulfilment of CEDAW and Cairo Action Plan in Slovakia and CEE.  I also work as an external consultant for UNDP on reproductive health and gender issue and as a cooperating expert with the European Institute on Gender Equality.

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